Would your company, non-profit or Fitness Facility like to have 450 Sutter Pharmacy conduct a Meds Education or Coaching talk at your location? We offer several free programs available to any organization located within San Francisco.

For specifics on holding a free Meds Education presentation at your facility, simply fill out our scheduling form by clicking here: "450 Sutter Meds Education and Coaching"


  • Are your Meds throwing you off your game?
    Too often, active people feel that they have to suffer through the up and down effects of their mediations. If you're not as active as you'd like to be or are not feeling your normal self, it could be due to the dosage and or type of medication you're taking. Let us explain all the ways you can talk to your Doctor about how to get you back on your game. You'd be surprised how a slight adjustment in your dosage up or down can make you feel. Sometimes people have allergic reactions to medications because of dyes within the pill or syrup. We can help identify this for you and can deliver to you dye-free versions of your preferred prescription. Most importantly, we work with your doctor directly to come up with a plan to tailor your Meds to meet your activity needs as close as possible. Fortunately, for most chronic ailments, there are many pharmaceutical companies who compete to serve the patient community. For example, there are numerous Aspirin, Cough Syrups, etc. allowing you to chose from the brand that best suits your needs. We can sit down with you and offer you alternative commercial brands that may be better suited to your needs.
  • Helping Parents with their Meds?
    Whether your loved ones take a single pill or whole Pharmacy's worth of medications, you're likely concerned about what they are taking, if it works and if they are taking it correctly. Are you one of the millions of adults today who are concerned about the mediations being taking by their parents or loved ones? For many, this can be the source of great anxiety and emotional pain. Let 450 Sutter help answer questions for you about the medications your parents are taking, their purpose and their potential side effects. We're experts in simplifying why Doctors prescribe medications for any ailment. If you're worried about the amount of medications your loved ones are taking and how it may be affecting their wellbeing, then let's sit down and chat about it. We can make suggestions and even recommend questions that you can ask their Doctor to help you feel more at ease.
  • What's In My Medication?
    If you've been paying attention to the news lately, you are most likely concerned about the ingredients that go into your medications. That's normal. Unfortunately, there are not a lot of reliable sources available to give you objective Meds information. Too often information either comes from a manufacturer or collective of manufacturers or, conversely, people who are skeptics of the Medication or treatment in question.

    Who can you turn to for real-world, practical advice? Are you concerned about the one of more of the medications you're taking? Since we are not obligated to any insurance nor pharmaceutical company, we can offer you a frank assessment of the medications you're taking. We can tell you what's in it, if it's naturally derived, how it gets into your bloodstream, how it may affect you while you're taking it. If there are chemicals which you may be allergic to or if you simply want a recommendation for a different medication to discuss with your Doctor, let's sit down and chat. The sooner you're comfortable with what's in your Meds, the sooner you can be on the path to better health.